Debt Recovery of Non Performing and Performing Loans

We recover debt investment debt around the world, in particular in Spain, Malta, UK and Portugal.


Debt Management

Together with the professionals of FCS Asset Management Ltd “FCS AM”, we decide haircuts and negotiate instalments and arrangements in a flexible manner allowing debtors around the world to make easier payments facilitating credit flow in the social community and making the difference with the banking industry.


Debt Advisory and Restructuring

Together, with the professionals of FCS AM, we advise financial institutions, governments and corporates in the best way of managing their debt.


How We Do It

FCS Credit Opportunities is a Joint Venture, a co-investment between:

  • FCS Group and its professionals
  • Other Investors

FCS Credit Opportunities is run by FCS AM whose professionals analyse, invest and recover NPL around the world. In order to do it, our executive team coordinates an incredible network of internal and external providers, hundreds of the most specialised consultants and investment managers.

Consultancy Rates

FCS Credit Opportunities consultancy rates are:

  • Price per hour: EUR 350